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2014/11/02 / tocovava

Cookies In The Mouth

I’ve been asked for this recipe many times. The requests come after I say I invented Cookies In The Mouth. Surprisingly some people don’t know of Cookies In The Mouth. So here is the recipe for these simple no bake, but seemingly oven-fresh chocolate-chip cookie

Preparation time:                                                                                                                                                                                   15 minutes. It usually took me that long to run an errand for my parents, say getting hot dog buns from the store three blocks away. I’d ride my bike. They knew I’d spend the change, usually on baseball cards, but sometimes on the ingredients for Cookies In The Mouth, if I didn’t like what was being prepared for dinner.


One small package of plain M&Ms.

One small package of pretzels (Seyferts Butter Pretzels if possible, if you can go back in time to buy a carton of the 25-cent bags. There was something about the way the salt sat on those thin buttery pretzels). Must be classic pretzel design those looped knots. Pretzel sticks and mini-pretzels DO NOT work, the salt to dough ratio is out-of-whack.

Bite two loops from a single pretzel. You can set the third loop back in the bag, or on the table, or just hold it in your hand while you chew. Continue to chew. Work the two loops into a fine paste. Let sit on tongue while you add to your mouth two or three M&Ms (two for less chocolate-y taste, three for more chocolate-y taste). Chew pretzel paste and M&Ms together. Swallow after a while. It is really quite good isn’t it? And oven-fresh, too!


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  1. Michael Slaboch / Nov 2 2014 23:57

    My Mom found this today that I made when I was 9.

    I’ll try CIM tomorrow with my students.

  2. Darryl Sturdevant / Nov 13 2014 09:03

    An excellent snack while on the golf course. I have also made them with a snickers bar and pretzels.

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