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2014/02/21 / tocovava

News from the Stockton Urinal

City Council meetings have gone surprising well of late, highly attended by council members and the Stockton citizenry.  Usually these mid-winter months see listless meetings lightly attended. Cold weather and snowy roads have been the pests in the past. No one knew while driving to the meeting, or anywhere really, if they’d slide off the road or get stuck on some snow mass. Also, the meeting room is overheated, adding another lumpish wintertime burden, shedding layer after layer to regulate one’s body temperature. And for what? To hear a neighbor and some disagreeable local politician bleat on about the lowest bid for chain link fence? Slushy shoes dampening socks during the meetings was a whole other thing. The itch from foot mold can drive a person nuts, kicking walls or bathtubs in an attempt to re-direct the pain of the fucked-up itch. However this year, even with all the snow and cold, attendance has been up.  UP.  At the most recent meeting the Stockton citizenry, along with the council members joining in finally, gave a standing ovation to Road Commissioner Dick Booker.  “Way to go Dick,” rang through the function room in the civic center.

    Clear roads or not, winter still imperils drivers.                                  Middle school teacher Kris Richards complained that there are not enough spaces at the middle school. A grumble was heard, get there earlier, we know why you are late, cough cough. Richards continued by saying, the streets around the school are either already marked as no parking to keep away those creeps from last year idling in their cars 101 feet from the school property line, or the streets are plowed high with snow. She had zero interest in discrediting the hard-working plowmen, knowing that the snow must be pushed somewhere, nevertheless there should be some uniformity in parking places for the teachers.  School Parking Lot Headmaster Neil Turner had no mercy for Richard’s plight.  He warned, There are certain precautions one must take out here in this season.  You park in the wrong spot you will be towed. Well that pissed her off, she raised her voice saying that her car has been towed twice since school reconvened after the winter break. Towed away she suspects by the plowman with whom she argued.  She hit him with her purse like Ruth Buzzi. School Parking Lot Headmaster Turner had no mercy for that reference either.

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