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2014/02/25 / tocovava

News from The Stockton Urinal

          BE ADVISED: The clear roads in Stockton are causing some drivers to act as if they are dressed in sandals, shorts, tank top, and headband, driving, that is, as imprudently as if it is summertime.  Black ice doesn’t happen in summertime, people. The roads are dangerous even when cleared in these seasons. Especially in the darkness, alone, car stereo pulling down “Strangehold”, first your mind drifts, then your headlights slink over the center lane. When you notice and make a quick lurch to get back into your lane–BLACK ICE–those brain waves may your last. Don’t do that. Also, our roads don’t plow themselves before, during and after snowstorms–watch out for those ubiquitous plows!


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