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2020/11/11 / tocovava

air pOwer wednesday november 11, 2020

   Gone is the old covid-restricted air pOwer way of doing things LIVE. Recording talk-back sets and oftentimes choosing the music in the fifteen, twenty minutes before airing. For years, radio harbor country utilized a third-party** website to load shows from remote locations  into station’s computer on a desk in Three Oaks. The website recently erected a paywall. (One wall that actually got built, and in a stable manner.) As with most walls it just takes money to get around it, especially when named a paywall.
   That was the wind-up and HERE’S the pitch:  it doesn’t matter if you self-identify as a  pOwer ranger or an airhead, If twenty of hugh of the air pOwer listener become members NOW the station will have enough money to materialize through that paywall, much like a audio file appearing on the in-studio computer screen. I wrote twenty but I mean YOU, specifically.*** YOU HERE NOW!!!!  
     And it is not just for the purposes of air pOwer there are other shows standing on the wrong side of the paywall. Restoring our remote loading capabilities is great for the environment, too. None of our volunteers will need to fire up the car engine emitting carbon monoxide into our beautiful country air on the drive to and from the  station in order to do on-site show loading.  Also, remote loading means less time show hosts ask of the VOLUNTEER show loaders.  An important also in this stressful year. 
   Become a member here:  
**air pOwer supports the necessity of third parties in the US political spectrum. 
***if this ask makes you think, why should I become a member of a radio station in the middle of nowhere? we have no argument. Here’s a cause more worthy—call the library in Benton Harbor, Michigan and ask what they need:  269-926-6139. They are barely functioning, and mostly as a food bank.  And neither of facts are covid-related.


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  1. Mac Daniel / Nov 11 2020 15:25

    So happy you are back!!!

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