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2020/05/23 / tocovava

air pOwer may 23, 2020

65-minute edition.

The first 35 minutes has the coronus diary update…listen for sounds of the rake (not Eugene Chadbourne’s rake), the gas can (apologies to David Van Teighem) and the garden hose (supply your own mid ’80s reference).

Last 30 minutes is a tribute to Jane Pellouchoud.  (Live on air  tonight we programmed Jane’s last Ol’ Vinyl Show to run for the second and third hours.)

Jane was a friend. She died on Wednesday. Her death was not unexpected, the only comfort from her death is knowing she died without panic or pain. For those of us who knew her, our spirits benefited from her presence.  Thank you Jane.

Jane’s show on Radio Harbor Country aired on Wednesdays from 12 – 2pm.  She would be ending The Ol’ Vinyl Show as I was readying air pOwer.  The studio is small, there is no easy way to switch shows.  Hand-off from one show to another is rare at our station.  It usually involves dead air.  The dead air was always after 2PM–during my show! Instead of hustling Jane out of the studio so my precious show wouldn’t have a silent beginning, I started to talk to her on air as she was packing up.  The first few times she said she didn’t know we were on the air.  I’m pretty sure she did know.  She did know.  She kept away from the main microphone making it difficult to pick up her part of the conversation. I started opening every mic in the studio hoping to capture her on one of them.  Sometimes she embraced the conversations, stepping to a microphone.  Other times she froze me out, head down and out the door. I loved her style.



JANE PELLOUCHOUD – i’ll fly away
JANE PELLOUCHOUD – forever youg
JANE PELLOUCHOUD – i shall be released





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