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2020/04/15 / tocovava

air pOwer wednesday 15, 2020

The radio station studio is closed.   stay at home.  help where you can.  stay at home. when you go out wear a face mask and latex gloves. stay away from everyone. don’t get someone you love sick.

new installments of the coronus diary in part two & part three, which has a 20-minute song by The Necks to balance out 15-minutes of yOur hOst talking about a newspaper.



let it snooooooooowwwww


DAMILY – ko boseke

BILL ORCUTT – the entertainer

ERIK HALL – section lllb

ANIMAL HOSPITAL – no pressure

NORM BURNS & THE FIVE STARS – john f kennedy was called away

THE YESTERDAY BOYS – sunshine days


BRIGID MAE POWER – wedding of a friend

JOHN PRINE – way down

BLUE TANDEM – if you could read my mind

LOS MUSTANG – los don tan felices

MINUTEMEN – working men are pissed

THE SLICKEE BOYS – forbidden alliance

THE PSYCLONES – gift of noise

DESTROY ALL MONSTERS – dueling drum boxes

THE NECKS – further

BREAD – diary







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