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2020/03/29 / tocovava

air pOwer saturday march 28, 2020

the radio station studio is closed during the global pandemic.  stay at home.  yOur hOst of air pOwer has been ‘producing’  L I V E  shows from home, trying to make them as live as possible.  most of the talk-back sets are recorded and uploaded remotely to the station’s computer as the music tracks play live on the air.  so…as live as possible in this time of shelter in place.

been using a mini recorder to create a sort of coronavirus covid-19 diary.  titled coronus diary.   parts two and three of this edition of air pOwer have coronus diary entries and some great music to help out hugh, the air pOwer listener.


AOIFE NESSA FRANCES – land of no junction

WAXAHATCHEE – ruby falls

FOUR TET – baby

PERFUME GENIUS – on the floor


A WINGED VICTORY FOR THE SULLEN – keep it dark, deutschland

TAL SOUNDS – no rise

STEPHEN MALKMUS – what kind of person

KAITLYN AURELIA SMITH – expanding electricity

DETTO MARIANO – ratataplan

WILLIAM TYLER – cookie’s theme

HENRI TEXIER – mr. donald cherise

SARAH LOUISE – nimrod in the forest

MAHER SHALA HASH BAZ – yesterday, yes a day

DUSTY SPRINGFIELD – no easy way down

EDDY ARNOLD – make the world go away


TALL DWARFS – missed again

MODERN LOVERS – hospital

KALI MALONE -spectacle of ritual

PRINCE – something in the water

LITTLE SISTER – i’m the one

THE 5TH DIMENSION – stoned soul picnic

THE SPINNERS – i’ll be around





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