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2016/04/14 / tocovava

Evidence Bag

My house was broken into recently.  I was not home at the time.  ADT alarm went off at 4:30AM.  Police caught a woman, a neighbor, walking down the street with some of my stuff. Six bottles of booze in a canvas bag, a set of skeleton keys, a coin purse, and a pair of binoculars.  Oh, and my kitchen timer. Police don’t think she acted alone. I don’t either. Someone rode off on my bike. One of the tires has a leak.  A deflated football is missing.  (Clubhouse man for the Patriots behind it?)  The escaped thief was in such a rush he left behind the air pump.  Doesn’t help me much.

A couple of nights ago the police called, said I could retrieve the Evidence.  Keys are back on the nail. Bottles in the liquor cabinet. I used the coins to buy some food that was cooked to perfection because of the kitchen timer. Sounds like I’m back to normal? I’m not. A neighbor broke into my house. That confuses me. I’m not sure what all I need to change. Everything? Nothing? The locks? Do I need to surround the house with video cameras? I’ve been using the binoculars to scan the yard for more intruders. The extended family of raccoons used to be my main worry. Raccoons I can understand. They are animals.

The canvas bag remains in the Police Evidence Bag.  Speared with camp ax in a tree out front.



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