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2021/02/09 / tocovava

air pOwer saturday february 6, 2021

encountered a few complications trying to make the show in mostly-real-time. two volunteers were accessing simultaneously the same unstable, remote-loading computer program.  maybe hugh the air pOwer listener could make a membership donation to radio harbor country? we could use an upgrade or two. there are more deserving causes, of course. but if you found yourself with a little extra money from shoveling driveways and porches any chance you could show your support to us…?


BETTY BENNETT – somewhere over the rainbow


TENO AFRIKA – 8 ubers (tribute to dj jaivane)

BOHANNON – me and my gang

CLARA ENGEL – the indifference of fire

ALLYSEN CALLORY – i remember everything

ROSE ROYCE – love don’t live here anymore

BRUTPOP – gymnolero

MABE FRATTI – entrando al cuarto de la duda

HELEN REDDY – angie baby

MATTHEW EVAN TAYLOR – seranade for earnestine

DR HAJIME MUROOKA – sounds of the womb & intermezzo from ‘jewels of the madonna’

J.B. BARLOW & W.A. POCOCK FEAT. STEPHEN O’REILLY – clearly split first heart sound of a five year old

STEPHEN ETTINGER, D.V.M. – split first heart sound of a normal large dog

TONY BENNETT – the beat of my heart

101 STRINGS ORCHESTRA FEAT. BEBE BARDON – i got it bad and that ain’t good

NEW POPE – old love song

MARAL – vortex in love

JONI MITCHELL – you turn me on i’m a radio (the mitchell moment)


HILDEGARDE – (all of a sudden) my heart sings

THE ARTERIES OF NEW YORK CITY – the arteries of new york city


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  1. brett padgett / Feb 16 2021 10:50

    Good moment

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