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2018/10/25 / tocovava

air pOwer playlist october 24, 2018

listen here:

LAL & MIKE WATERSON –  never the same

TAKEHISA KOSUGI – mano dharma ’74

ROY HARPER – hallucination light

KURT VILE – cold was the wind


BILLY AND LIBBIE – i promise you

THE FLEETWOODS – he’s the great imposter

GRUFF RHYS – the same old song

STEVE GUNN – new moon

SIR DOUGLAS QUINTET – i wanna be your momma again

COLIN LANGENUS – 5.9 acres

BEACH BOYS – tears in the morning

CUT WORMS – how can it be

PALBERTA – sound of the beat

WAR – all day music


PALBERTA – heaven to rock n’ roll

MINUTEMEN – tension

NAIL POLISH – am i real?

MINUTEMEN – issued

FIREHOSE – brave captain

MINUTEMEN – history lesson

BRENTON WOOD – me and you

AMBROSIA – holdin’ on to yesterday

DELEGATION – oh honey

TAANA GARDNER – heartbeat

I AM SPOONBENDER – love of the evolved

STARGARD – which way is up

JANICE GITECK – breathing songs from a turning sky  –  v

THOMAS FEHLMANN – nevernevernever

LAL & MIKE WATERSON – red wine promises

YO LA TENGO – polynesia #1

ANNE BRIGGS – go your way

SARAH LOUISE – bowman’s root

MARY LATTIMORE – their faces streaked with light and filled with pity

W.H. AUDEN – now the leaves are falling fast






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