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2018/02/23 / tocovava

new Newsstand Daily

For years I have been taking pictures of newsstands.  It is always surprising to see a wide array of newspapers and magazines on public display.  Mostly because it is rare to see someone reading a newspaper in public.  Go to a coffee shop or lunchroom, everyone is  scrolling soundlessly across time zones and content through a smart phone or striking dumbly on a computer keyboard.  Oh to hear all those electronics clacking like manual typewriters–all public spaces would sound like the old newsrooms.

I posted a few photos here and there.  The idea was to do it daily while I traveled to places that actually had newsstands (the Citgo at the exit here in town is not even a half-way decent newsstand, they do sell a few papers, though).  There is a great newsstand in Kalamazoo, Michigan News.  Michigan News has been there forever–at least all my life.  Kalamazoo is a forty-five minute drive from here, far too costly to make it more than a few times a month, if that.  I made the drive a few days ago.  The magazine shelves at Michigan News were a little less stocked than usual–usually you cannot see the shelving, the magazines are packed so tight, overlapping, one title on top of another title.  Maybe the publications are between their Winter 2017/2018 and Spring 2018 issues, shelves culled of spoiled product?  (A few boxes stacked beneath the candy counter up front as evidence?)  I didn’t ask the clerk because I didn’t want to hear, ‘we are scaling back.’  This way I can keep it positive until I hear anything different.

Driving home, I thought: in what folder in which hard drive do I have those photos I took of newsstands? Naturally, I dumped them off my smart phone into a computer, to make room on my phone for a new app or a critical, often daily software update.  The photos are old news.

This is from a Wawa or 7-Eleven or Dunkin’ Donuts near Reading Terminal Market in Philadelphia.  The rack depicted is twice the size of the newsstand at the Citgo by the exit here in town.2017-03-08 08.57.03

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