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2018/02/08 / tocovava

air pOwer playlist feb 7, 2018

…after the intro, no-talking for the first 80-some minutes–get out your yoga mats, or maybe micro-dose, or set your mind back to a restaurant setting circa 2008…


RUSALNAIA – kindling

HOUSE AND LAND – home over yonder

SUFJAN STEVENS – tahquamenon falls

ELIOTT CARTER – allegro scorrevole–adagio from string quartet no. 1

TRIO ELḖTRICO – return of the coconut groove

KPT.MICH.IGAN – ”      ”    take tablets

CBS LABORATORIES – left-right sound identification

JÓHANN JÓHANNSSON – part 3 — ibm 1402 card read-punch

APPARAT – multifunktionsebene

D-BRIDGE – i know

ACTRESS – audio track 5 (-6 version)

FANTASTIC PLASTIC  MACHINE – honolulu, calcutta

MONO ENZYME 307-  excerpt from fear of light

THOMAS FEHLMANN – berliner luftikus

JAMES LAST – i hear you knocking

JJ CALE – everything will be alright

OSCAR HARRIS & THE TWINKLE STARS – twinkle stars boo galoo (live)

THE HAPPY DOLLS – pick up the pieces

THE DYNAMICS – please think it over

LONSKI & CLASSEN – i danced again

THE COUNTS – what’s up front that counts

THUNDERCLAP NEWMAN – something in the air

VERSUS – underground

HOSPITALITY – liberal arts

RICHARD DAVIES – sign up maybe for being

ULTIMATE PAINTING – not gonna burn myself anymore

SPISSY – nothing boy

GREG KIHN BAND – the breakup song (they don’t write ’em)

SPIDER BAGS – summer of ’79

SOFT WALLS – never come back again

THE FIRST EDITION – just dropped in (to see what condition my condition is in)


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