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2016/07/07 / tocovava

all foreign show july 6, 1776

once a year, as close as we can get to the fourth of july, air pOwer has a show devoted to all foreign music.  most of us come from somewhere else, ancestors migrated here, we’ve all stayed, we’re not going back.  so, while the american flags, bunting and shotguns are being put away until our american loyalty is challenged again, and, while the lake is full of firework wrappers, sulfur and whatever else was dumped in there over the long weekend, we celebrate the rest of the world.  no english lyrics involved at least not intentionally.  every year a few english words sneak in (we’ve got no wall to protect us, just a lazy radio programmer half-asleep at the switches).  this year a few snuck in while enjoying the  charms of the otherwise-japanese version of i’ll follow him.


OMAR KHORSHID – rakset el fadaa

USHA KHANNA – tera jasia pyara koi nahin

EROL BÜYÜKBURÇ – hop dedik

BARIŞ MANÇO – derule

BARIŞ MANÇO – yolverin ağalar beryler

THE BEACH BOYS – in my room (in german)

YR ATGYFODIAD – cynnwrf yn ein gwlad

FRANCES GALL – chanson indienne

LITTLE PEGGY MARSH – i’ll follow him (in japanese)

KOUICHI SIMIZU – plug ‘n play

NICOLA CONTE – arabesque

TEO USUELLI – piacere sequence

ENNIO MORRICONE – poesia di una donna

PIERO UMILIANI – free life (vocal)

ALFREDO LUNA – claudine 69

JACQUES BREL – le moribond

GEORGE BRASSENS – la ballade des cimetières

TRIO P.S.P. – danzarin

BARBARA – pierre


FRANÇOIZ BRUET – l’astronome


JORGE BEN – mais que nada

ABBA – knowing me, knowing you (in spanish)

ZWARTE LOLA – striptease tango

LA LIBRE EXPRESSION – joven amante

YURA YURA TEIKOKU – 3 night creatures

RISTO – elävä ihmisjumala


LESLIE GORE – you don’t own me (in italian)






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