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2016/04/28 / tocovava

air pOwer playlist april 27, 2016

listen here:  

SCHNEIDER TM – construction sounds (excerpt)

HUGO MONTENEGRO – stutterology

TUUNG – wood

DRIP-133 – ashcm

THROWS – high pressure front

PERE UBU – street waves

JORGE BEN – domingas

ESQUIVEL – boulevard of broken dreams

SPEEDY WEST & JIMMY BRYANT – old joe clark

JOHN MCCUTCHEON – barefoot boy with boots on

THE HOLY MODAL ROUNDERS – hot corn, cold corn

DONTE KNOWLES – nothing compares 2 u   air pOwer’s hit

TINY RUINS – dream wave

SOSI – there’s no need

NORMA WATERSON – seven virgins (the leaves of life)

T. RAJARATHNAM PILLAI – raga alapana (todi)

LOU DONALDSON – wig blues

THE INDEPENDENTS – just as long as you need me (part 1 & 2)


HALL & OATES – one on one

THE BLOW – pile of gold

PRINCE – june

PRINCE – crazy you

PRINCE – still waiting

JOHN J. BECKER – the abongo

MILLARD BENNETT – turn your dream into fact

PRINCE – a case of you

DONNIE ELBERT – i want to be loved but only by you

DONNIE ELBERT – someday (you’ll want me to want you)

DAVE BARTHOLOMEW – i’ll never be the same

MASTER PLAN INC. – try it (you’ll like it)

BOB MOULD – father’s favorite


THIN LIZZY – little girl in bloom


LITTLE SCREAM – the kisses

IGGY POP/TARWATER/ALVA NOTO – ages and ages, returning at intervals

VAN MORRISON – sweet thing


DRIFTMACHINE – observant sirens

LOGAN TAKAHASHI – low frequency wind


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