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2015/04/09 / tocovava

air pOwer playlist april 8, 2015

UNIVERSITY OF NOTRE DAME MARCHING BAND – america the beautiful/battle hymn of the republic

ANNIE – chewing gum

CORNERSHOP – butter the soul

SWITCHED ON MOOG – time of the season

ALOA INPUT – krk blues

DRIFTMACHINE- rungler statik

MARCO FORNACIARI – “cantabile” from vivaldi’s concerto in e major for violin, strings, and harpsichord, rv 271 (l’amoroso)

TOM WAITS – house where nobody lives

BUDDY MERRILL – with pen in hand

ERICH MCMANN – make it happen tonight

FLEETWOOD MAC – something inside of me

THE GRATEFUL DEAD – help is on the way

CHRIS BROKAW – the fields

NEW ORDER – ceremony

BLANK REALM – digging up my bones

OWL – legends

CATHERINE HASTINGS – worship* air power’s hit

JEFF BUCKLEY – lover you should’ve come over

BROKE FOR FREE – summer spliffs

READER ADVISER – srv thang

A.C. NEWMAN – miracle drug

TIMESBOLD – loriii

TINY RUINS – night owl

PACIFIC STEEL COMPANY – sheffield steel

SMOG – no dancing


OUTKAST – movin’ cool (the after party)

MAKOTO OSHIRO – resonance beneath

JOSHUA BONNETTA – strange lines and distances l

BOB SEGER – fine memory

STAN FREBERG – the rock island line


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