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2014/02/28 / tocovava

News from The Stockton Urinal


     Ms. Stockton Beautiful, Kay Lee Page sent out a thank you letter to all attendees of the beauty pageant. She invited everyone to attend the annual talent show. It will be held March 15th and 16th at the high school auditorium (gym), unless everyone decides to attend. Should the line on March 15th stretch out to the parking lot or even beyond it, chances are pageant organizers can scare up a larger venue for the second night of the talent show, March 16th. This year’s theme is Stockton Does Dallas.  Page will be dressed as Michelle Stevens.

     Some city employees are going to a Las Vegas retreat. It is a virtual retreat attended by pulling their chairs into the conference room to stare at a computer screen after putting in another soul-crushing eight-hour workday. Employees from cities, towns and tribes across American will be there at the virtual retreat, Our Town, Your Town.  Mayor Shortall points out that this a way to cut down on the city’s carbon footprint. She added it is a wonderful savings for Stockton’s taxpayers as it saves on travel costs and lodging. It is an even better deal for those who don’t pay their taxes but take city services.

     Social Science teacher Daniel Stollen is going to the Great White Way! Well to East 42nd Street at least.  He’s going to the United Nations in New York City.  He has promised a slide-show presentation accompanied by his homemade music on the hammer dulcimer and acoustic guitars. Look for the announcement pinned on the bulletin board near the rest rooms in the Stockton Public Library.

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