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2013/09/28 / tocovava

Here is what I found

Continued from above

Here is what I found

First thing you must do when walking in the ravine over the road is to acquire a suitable walking stick. Mine wasn’t suitable and it broke when I was fooling around in the marsh at the bottom of the ravine. Up until then I used it to prod at rotted logs, push aside thorny branches, and play in the mud. It broke while playing in the mud. As my evidence above shows, a walk in the ravine is dangerous without a walking stick. Prudently, I turned back. Not only prudently, but also mushroom-less.

On the way back, I paused to marvel at a cleared out spot under a soaring canopy of tree tops. It was only about 35 feet by 35 feet. Nothing much was growing and it had been cleared of logs. it is probably where the wild dogs or wild turkeys spend the night. But maybe I’d better check another field guide to see if sleeping in cleared-off spots is typical of those animals.

I don’t need to consult The Field Guide to Sneaky Human Behavior to make any judgements on this bottle of Vaseline found in the clearing. Is there any joy in discovering the evidence of mushroom crown activity? While you go back up the ravine horny, I mean, hungry. Either way.

I kicked the jar all the way up the ravine until it landed perfectly on this stump.

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