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2013/04/10 / tocovava

A New Newsstand Daily | Barcelona

A New Newsstand Daily

The iron grate was locked during siesta. And it was locked still after siesta. This spot might have been an art exhibit not a newsstand. The guide books and maps back there were editions unknown to me. The newspapers were too straight, too orderly in their racks, and, in even the shadows they looked too bright. Another thing they were was too far away to to tell if the dates were current.
I made a mental note to look at these newspapers somewhere else to compare the front pages. Only now am I remembering the mental note. And that was a month ago. I need a new filing system.

This newsstand is part of LLibreria Les Punxes, a bookstore located where Carrer Del Rossello runs into Diagonal. It is easy to miss the little bookstore because Casa de Les Punxes is an overlooked beauty that really should be in more guide books. Like those locked behind the iron gate at LLibreria Les Punxes.

barcelona march 7, 2013

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