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2013/04/07 / tocovava

A New Newsstand Daily | Santiago de Compostela

A New Newsstand Daily | Santiago de Compostela

This is a horrible photo, and every other photo I tried to take was going to come out just as shittily, trust me. It’s not me it’s my iPhone…people used to take care with a camera now we make phone calls with them. We act like the convenience and immediacy of our smart phones are the buckets men used to carry over mountains. Our survival depends it. I used to carry a Minolta 35mm camera. On foreign trips, I would stop at newsstands and camera shops to drop off film to be developed. I’d drop the film at places like Kiosco El Tucan (Av. de Figueroa no. 10).

Kiosco El Tucan was candy-laden, trinket-filled, and souvenir-heavy, probably stocked on the shelves that used to hold the film and camera gear. Changed retail landscape because of our fancy new buckets.

There was a shelf on the sidewall with a surprisingly large number of foreign newspapers. Friendly clerk next to the cash drawer. She didn’t stop a tourist from leafing through a Michelin Red Guide to Spain.

march 4, 2013

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