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2012/03/12 / tocovava

air pOwer air times – wednesday & saturday

LISTEN LIVE:   –   WHRC-LP 106.7  three oaks

2pm until 5pm Eastern Standard Time
1pm until 4pm Michigan City, Indiana Time
11AM until 2PM West Coast Time US
7PM until 10PM UK time, and in Portugal
8PM until 11PM in most of Europe, but not Portugal (see above) not Greece, and
     not Turkey and not those former Russian satellites that joined the EU.
all other regions, like South America, Japan, Australia, India, Mexico, Africa
     the Maldives, Russia, China and parts of Canada, please consult The Radio
     Times listing in your local newspaper.


6pm-9pm eastern standard time

5pm – 8pm  michigan city indiana time

3pm – 6pm  west coast and pacific standard time

11pm – 2am in the united kingdom and portugal

12am – 3am in most of europe

7am – 10am in tokyo

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