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2012/03/01 / tocovava

air pOwer playlist wednesday february 29, 2012

ELIZABETH COTTEN – graduation march

GRAM PARSONS – the new soft shoe (alternate version)

THE JAZZ BUTCHER CONSPIRACY – still in the kitchen

THE BLACK BEATS – the mod trade

CHEAP TRICK – i want you to want me (early version)

SAVOY BROWN – master hare

THE LIMINANAS – je m’en vais

SUICIDE – cherie cherie

CABERET VOLTAIRE – silent command

CHRIS WATSON – veracruz

ELECTRIC BLOOD – windowsill

THE KINKS – i wish i could fly like superman

LOS CAMPESINOS! – to tundra

PRINCE – 5 women

GARETH WALTERS – sleepy lullaby

JAVIER CHAPARRO – beber tu amor (to drink your love)

NORMA WATERSON – the chaps of cockaigny

JOHN PRINE – blue umbrella

MALCOLM DALGLISH & GREY LARSEN – morning (shape note hymn by henry k. oliver 1800-1885)

GEORGE CROMARTY – highland ballad

TOM RUSH – no regrets

GARETH WALTERS – lonely surroundings

GIL TRYTHALL – mockingbird hill

LOS ADMIRADORES – golden earrings


KING HARVEST – dancing in the moonlight

CIAN CIARAN – martina franca

GARETH WALTERS – welsh memory


STEVEN R. SMITH – blood partridges

SPARKLEHORSE – my yoke is heavy

BANGLES – if she knew what she wanted

THE KEELHAULER’S – barbara ann

ERNEST KAREL – kriens-krienseregg-frakmuntegg

ABBA – gimme gimme gimme (a man after midnight)

THE DIXIE HUMMING BIRDS – thank you for one more day


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