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2011/12/12 / tocovava

in Stockton news

10-year-old hunter KEEGAN WHEELER is quite a shooter.  Wheeler went out hunting with his step-father VERNON HURTSBEE, former owner of Hurtsbee Liquors. It was the young hunter’s first time with a muzzle-loader.  And he killed his first ever deer, a doe. He’d bagged turkeys and geese previously, and a few fish with his b-b gun.   Most impressive was the fact that Wheeler felled the doe with his second shot, second ever with a muzzle loader.  DNR authorities confirmed the killing but were more concerned with the fatal wound suffered by Vernon Hurtsbee.  DNR investigators learned that Hurtsbee fired a shot that entered the neck of the doe, and they also confirmed that Keegan Wheeler’s initial shot with the muzzle loader badly missed the doe.  Tommy’s second shot blew apart the head of the doe that he stood over displaying not a whit of nerves.  Keegan Wheeler was surprised as anyone that his not-so-good-stepping-anymore step-father died in the hospital.  He thought he killed that son-of-a-bitch in the field.

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