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2011/12/11 / tocovava

Stockton sporting news

The winter bowling season has been rolling along for a month now.  The Thursday Noon Senior League saw Ken Deerkoff roll a 122, which led all senior bowlers this week.  The Noon Senior League was hampered by the first snowfall of the season.  Arthritis swept through Stock-Haven Nursing Home.  Most, if not all league members were unable to participate this week.  They declined to get into the van, claiming tight knees and aching hips, not to mention elbows and wrists.  Van driver Ed Dewitt offered the use of the wheelchair lift but they scoffed at his demeaning entreaty.  The wave of arthritis was as unexpected as the snow, which came overnight.  Hopefully next week more bowlers will participate.  Deerkoff received a free coffee for his high game. The coffee kept him in the bathroom for most of the afternoon.  Since his wife died he doesn’t drink coffee much past noon anymore.

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